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C4 Picasso 1.6 e-HDi Airdream Exclusive+ ETG6 - Clutch / Gearbox problem

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Tue May 14 2019, 07:54am
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help please. I own a MK2 C4 Picasso 2014, over the last month it developed an intermittent gearbox / clutch fault where under acceleration there is a noticeable pause / stutter before the next gear is engaged. I asked an ex-Citroen mechanic to carry out an initial diagnostic. His comments were as follows: "Found
clutch slipping. Also found that clutch slips in higher gears too, under hard
acceleration. Suspect oil leak from clutch thrust bearing. Tried clutch biting
point reprogramming, no better. Requires new clutch and associated parts".

He estimated 9 hours labour plus parts for the work, but because of the relative low mileage of the car, 43k, I should contact Citroen customer service in the first instance, as they may contribute to the repair cost. I have spoken to them and they advised to book the car into a Citroen dealership for a diagnostic and they would contact Citroen customer service themselves if the dealer suspected there were reasonable grounds for a contribution from Citroen.

I'm just a little worried that I will have to pay yet another diagnostic charge, then if I do decide to let the dealership carry out the repair work I will be hit with £125 per hour labour costs with the possibility of no financial assistance from Citroen.

I have information about a Technical Service Bulletin which affects my particular model and gearbox, but I don't think I can discuss this with Citroen because I gather this information is not meant to be known by customers.

I could possibly get the work done at an independent gearbox specialist who charge half the labour rates that Citroen charge, or I risk going with Citroen for the repair and potentially a much larger bill if I fail to get any assistance.

Does any one have any advice or experienced a similar issue?

Many thanks
Tue May 14 2019, 01:51pm

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Good news - Citroen do fixed price repairs and clutch replacement is one such item, I think it’s £699. If you agree to Citroen doing the work and get a contribution this will reduce the price further.

Our manual Picasso’s clutch died outside of warranty - I went back to Citroen knowing I might have to pay full price but on inspection the release bearing had catastrophically failed so Citroen paid the lot.
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