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NEVER EVER change your original speedometer/odometer

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Mon May 06 2019, 06:30am
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I'm talking about your central display, the one that shows you current speed, trip, total km etc. When I bought my c4 coupe 1.4 petrol, the display had some problems with that lcd foil that's on the screen so I went ahead to change it. So i looked online on what display do I need, if it needs coding/resetting or whatnot and after not much info turned up, I decided to look for an unit with the same code on the back. My car had aprox. 168k km on board and the "new" used display came from a car that had aprox. 226k km. Thing is that nobody I knew knew about the fact that if I proceed to change the display I would "inherit" the new mileage. After I almost had an heart attack, I called Citroen service here in my hometown and they said there's nothing I could do because it's a "safety" measure took by Citroen to encourage people to only buy original parts from the dealer and this "features" states that if the new display has more kilometers on it that the old one, you're gonna take the new mileage as your own. Only if the new display has a lower mileage than your own old one, you will stay with your real mileage. I know it sounds total bonkers but it's what it is. I was unfortunate to have bought an display with more kilometers than my own and I want people to be able to find this post when they're about to do the same stupid thing I did.
Mon May 06 2019, 09:46am
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I would say that's Not much of a problem as long as you can show or prove that it was changed at the mileage. . The same if you changed the engine or any other part of the car, The most common would be the changing of the timing belt/water pump knowing and the proof that it was done at the appropriate time would be important.
Mon May 06 2019, 11:19am
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From previous posts on the subject here as I understand it the car remembers the distance it two places. The ECU has a record and the speedometer cluster. If the speedometer cluster is changed and replaced with one of a higher mileage than the car has travelled then it inherits the greater distance.
If the speedometer distance is less however then the ECU will update the speedometer.
Mon May 06 2019, 12:22pm
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Yup, it's been discussed before.
Mon May 06 2019, 01:18pm
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I wasn't able to find any information regarding this at the time so my searching the web skills might suck, but the thing that worries me, is that in case of selling the vehicle, I cannot prove 100% that that it's not the real mileage. An engineer from Citroen told me that the data from the ECU could be tampered with easily so that's no proof to present the potential buyer. I asked for some kind of log downloaded from the car's ECU, something concrete I can have to testify this ridiculousness. I wonder what other car manufacturers made this mess with the odometer of their cars. I have photos that shows kilometers before and after but those could have been taken anytimw so no one can trust them. Regarding servicing the car and MOTs, it looks even weirder because it appears that I've done many miles between servicing it.I just find it very frustrating to have "aged" my car by some and lowered its value by much (because most people have a thing with this 200 000 km milestone) and not being able to fix the issue.
Tue May 07 2019, 05:15am

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This has been discussed extensively before and it’s a protection to stop people ‘clocking’ a car with ease.

If you have a receipt for the new clocks you can show this to any potential purchaser and, of course, an extract from the forum!

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