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Fault code U0415 can anyone help me on this.

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Author Post
Sun May 05 2019, 04:12am
Member No: #53644
Joined: May 03 2019
Location: Devon
Fault code U0415 showing on the scanner that is giving EGS problems on C4 P 2010.
Any explanation or fix will be very much appreciated.
Mon May 06 2019, 12:19pm
Member No: #27768
Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
ABS sensor and/or ABS ring on the bearing.
Mon May 20 2019, 06:48am
Member No: #53751
Joined: May 19 2019
Location: Inverness
My post is about the same thing. Mine was actually caused by damp permeating the fuse box under the bonnet (at bottom of windscreen, left side) and causing poor current flow.

The fuse box (controller) is well enough sealed with some sort of silicone, but the fuse holders themselves are more or less open to the elements.

If you cant find the fault at the sensors or rings, it may well be the box.

Check out my "Conundrum....Solved" thread and see how I went about it.

It was blisteringly simple and took me less than an hour all told.

Good luck

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