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Squeaking from behind steering wheel

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Tue Apr 23 2019, 12:58pm
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Joined: Jan 18 2017
Location: Warwickshire
Hi, I wonder if people can help with this one.
Yesterday our C4 Picasso suddenly developed a squeaking from behind the steering wheel.
It seems to come from where the moving wheel joins the stationary part of the dashboard.
It sounds like it's a rubber seal that's making the noise.
The noise is present throughout the whole movement - from one full lock to the other.
I have some GT85 ptfe spray but am slightly reluctant to use it at the moment, but it should not cause any harm, right?

Any ideas?

Tue Apr 23 2019, 04:22pm

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Joined: Mar 08 2009
Location: Kent, UK
This has been discussed before. Have a look at - Click Here -
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 matjam (24 Apr 2019 : 03:32)
Wed Apr 24 2019, 03:40am
Member No: #47314
Joined: Jan 18 2017
Location: Warwickshire
Hi Jimux - I did read some of those posts but I was convinced my squeak was coming from higher up, just behind the wheel itself.

However, I've just put my head down by the pedals and now believe that it could well be coming from that seal by the pedals and travelling up the steering column. As my wife drove away, I could also hear the squeak from outside the car so that gives more weight to it being that seal.

So now I'm off to find some silicone grease...
Sun May 12 2019, 11:31am
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Joined: Jan 18 2017
Location: Warwickshire
Hi All,
I've applied quite a lot of silicone grease to that gasket in the floor pan where the column goes through. No joy - the squeak is still there.
Is there just one point of contact on that gasket, where it's visible from inside the car, or is there another part that needs to be accessed from outside?

Based on other people's of this being an easy fix when greasing that gasket all I can assume is that my squeak is coming from somewhere else.

Logically, it's got to come from some point where movement meets non-movement. The two obvious places are the gasket (which has been greased as much as I can from inside) and behind the steering wheel itself which is really hard to get to.

Does anyone have any other ideas?



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