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Mon Apr 15 2019, 10:10am
Member No: #51309
Joined: May 31 2018
Location: warrington
I have a 09 VTi Grand Picasso, and to be truthful the heater is hopeless, think my farts, are warmer {no, funny comments } Does anyone have an idea if it's standard for the car or is there a problem? There's no airlocks, takes hours to get car warm.
Mon Apr 15 2019, 10:16am
Member No: #30055
Joined: Apr 02 2013
Location: Bolton
I have had a C4P VTi and the heater worked well. It could be the thermostat is stuck open.
Fri Apr 19 2019, 10:00am
Member No: #3384
Joined: Apr 21 2008
Location: Bulwell, Nottingham
Sounds like thermostat to me.
Mon Apr 22 2019, 04:28am

Member No: #8137
Joined: Mar 08 2009
Location: Kent, UK
Your temperature gauge should rise to just before the centre point within about four miles from a cold start. The diesel models are slower to heat up than the petrol ones. Once there it should go up a few mm on a long steep hill, then drop back but not fall below the earlier point.
A more accurate diagnosis, without taking things apart is to get an OBD2 reader and a laptop or smartphone and read the actual water temperature. It should stay around 93C.
If all that looks okay then you could have a blocked air flap preventing the air being routed through the heater matrix. Leaves and pine needles can be a problem.

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