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Citroen C4 1.6 HDI - firmware upgrade

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Sat Apr 13 2019, 05:55pm
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Joined: Apr 13 2019
Location: Europe
Hello guys,

I own Citroen C4 1.6 HDI. Date of his birth is 2005

So I wanted to upgrade firmware in car PC. Does anyone have a link to the latest firmware for my model? I tried googling for hours, couldnt find a single thing about firmware..

Thanks in advance!
Sun Apr 14 2019, 03:02am
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Joined: Nov 21 2010
Location: North Norfolk UK
If you go to a Citroen dealer they hook the car up to their equipment which then hooks up to their central computer which decides what, if anything, to download. There is no generic update as such
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 mitrandeer (15 Apr 2019 : 14:03)
Sun Apr 14 2019, 04:34am

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The normal procedure is any updates are done during a scheduled service. The software comes directly from Citroen, based on your VIN, and not publicly available.

With a 2005 car, I doubt there is anything new available after about 2013.
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 mitrandeer (15 Apr 2019 : 14:03)

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