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Grand C4 Picasso - 3rd Row Seat Issue

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Fri Apr 12 2019, 05:26am
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Joined: Apr 11 2019
Location: Cheshire
Hello everyone,

I have a 2018 Grand C4 Picasso that I bought and paid for in cash from a lease company.

The drivers side 3rd row seat doesn't lock into place. I took it to Citroen to look into who replied to say that the frame was bent.

I queried if this could be attributed to wear and tear so that warranty could get out of paying and they advised me that this was unlikely. Their words were that someone would have had to go under the seat with pliers to bend the frame.

They referred it to warranty who have rejected the claim because its an ex lease car stating that it the seat is probably damaged as it has been operated incorrectly.

I find this difficult to believe based on what the dealer said and also because of the design of the seat. You pull one handle to bring the seat into it's position, I don't see how it is possible to operate it incorrectly.

Upshot is that they want £1200 to repair it. I complained and they've said they'll do it for £600.

I'm new to the C4 owners page and am just desperate for advice really. It's less than a year old, only 11k on the clock and I just don't see the damage having been caused by incorrect operation of the seat.

I feel as though they're trying to get out of it on a technicality because it's an ex lease car on the old assumption that they're not treated as well as if a person owned the car.

I paid cash for the car, no finance or loan etc, so I'm in a very weak position, so need help please.
Fri Apr 12 2019, 07:41am
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Location: Ireland Fermanagh & Galway
my first thought would be Why would anyone want to bent the frame.
In my experience leased car are well maintained for two reasons
(1) any damage caused which is not wear and tear would be charge for
(2) Any slight problem the car would be taken back to the dealer
knowing that it would be put right.
and all have full service history.
Have you contacted Citroen Direct?
Fri Apr 12 2019, 10:17am
Member No: #53507
Joined: Apr 11 2019
Location: Cheshire
Yeah, I have a complaint open with Citroen, it was them who offered me a 50% GOWG on the work which would mean £600 to repair not £1200.

Like you say, why would anyone purposely break it. The dealer said someone would have had to bend the frame with pliers. To add to that, the way the seats operate, it's difficult to operate them incorrectly, so surely if lifting the seat into place, or back again is damaging it then it's a design fault.

They have me over a barrel anyways, what else can I do?
Fri Apr 12 2019, 11:12am
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Location: Hove
I don't know how the mechanism works on the new cars but it's possible that something was under the seat when it was raised or lowered
Sat Apr 13 2019, 03:24am
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Joined: May 02 2018
Location: South Wales
I’d take it to a trusty local garage, explain the problem, don’t tell them how much Citroen charge and see if they can straighten it.
Tue Apr 16 2019, 08:02am
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Joined: Oct 11 2016
Location: Cambridge
Agree with saxman. Dealers won't do 'unofficial' fixes, justifiably as they have to guarantee all work and if they didn't get it right it would bounce back and be their problem.

Chances are, original owner/user or errant teenage offspring or rental car user accidentally bent it by closing it with something in the way and whacked it to get it to close. It's on a lease, put seat down and say nothing. After all, who cares about lease companies. No reason for lease company to check it, all looks fine. Even if they did, what would the minimum wage care prep person bother to do about it. Sell it on. Meet your sales targets .....

Should be a fairly easy job (diy even) to get the whole thing out, straighten the bent bit after carefully comparing with the seat that does work, and re-fit. I don't think there are any complicated in-seat airbags or anything so its a straight mechanical engineering problem. Worst case, you have to spend a good few £££ on a new seat anyway, but its worth a try.

The only real risk is if the frame is so badly bent it will be weakened when straightened out, to the point of breaking if you get rear ended with a passenger in place. Another reason for a risk averse dealer to want to do the job properly.

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