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Intermittent GEARBOX FAULT message HELP PLEASE

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Thu Apr 11 2019, 08:24pm
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Joined: Apr 11 2019
Location: Norwich
Hi all, please can someone try and help me. I have a 2011 C4 GRAND PICASSO 1.6HDI.
Back in February when we had the cold snap, I had intermittent starting issues, which sounded like the starter motor was struggling but would eventually start with a few on off of the key. One day the message gearbox fault repair required came on whilst starting and wouldn't go in to any gear. Turned off then back on and it cleared. Had codes read and got P1755 error. Codes reset and all seemed fine until last week. Same error came up, no gear selection, the end on and off a few times and error disappeared. Drive a few.times that day each time starting fine.
Now when it seems to be colder in the night the issue seems to come back, but once running so long as engine kept warmish by running every couple of hours no problems apart from the odd high revs every now and then and slow.gear selection after coasting up to a roundabout for example. I know a new clutch actuator is not that expensive but have read can be a big job and no doubt Citroen will want to replace clutch and gearbox too.

Any help.you can give would be appreciated as I am reluctant to spend lots of money when it appears as though gearbox, clutch and actuator are working when car is warm etc.

I've heard you can get a gearbox flush for diesels, do you think this would help, also read about leaking pipes on actuator, but doesn't seem to be any evidence on the floor under car, and the fact that it works once in gear just makes me think it might not be as major as suspected. I've also read you shouldn't change the actuator oil as it's pressurised at 37bar!?? Surely that can't be right should that be psi?

Thanks in advance or any replies.
Fri Apr 12 2019, 11:09am
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Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
I would start by getting the battery properly tested but from that fault code it could be the clutch position sensor.

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