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Weird problem with alternator belt and tensioner.

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Wed Apr 03 2019, 12:03pm
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Hi. Need some expertise opinion. Was driving along the highway. The alternator belt came off. When having a deeper inspection at home I noticed that it's not the belt that was torn but the tensioner was crooked. After even further inspection I noticed a hairline fracture on the big metal part where the tensioner is attached. The tensioner wobbles around freely. Could this be potentially car killing? After looking at some engine schemes it seems that it's just a large metal part and you can only get it from Citroen (guy in the parts shop told me that). I was thinking to find the same part from a scrap car. What is this big part anyway and what happens if I take it out?

When I was trying to unscrew things the first obstacle were the star/torx bolts in the picture. I cannot get them undone. If I take that blue metal thing off there is a rubber thing underneath and it is connected to the big metal part that I am trying to get out. If anyone could shed some light on this I would be very grateful.

Pics links down below. The model is C4 Petrol 2.0 16V (100 KW) - 2005 year.

- Click Here -
- Click Here -
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