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SOLVED- Coolant level goes low but NO sign of any leak- SEE MY LAST COMMENT

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Tue Apr 16 2019, 03:55am

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That sounds like pressure build up from a head gasket leak, or perhaps the system was not properly bled when the thermostat was replaced.
Wed Apr 24 2019, 06:34am
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Location: Devon
Hi J Singh,

My 2014 CGP with 2.0 hdi is exhibiting the exact same symptoms as this.

Have you had any luck resolving it?

Many thanks

Wed Apr 24 2019, 09:35am
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After visiting 5 different garages and 2 mobile mechanics, all failed to diagnose the issue

The culprit of this issue was the coolant container cap, Yes, it was that cap which was causing so many issues for all that time.

Part number: 1306J5 or 9638001280 and it cost £5.76 for a genuine cap from Citroen dealer.

Drained the entire coolant system, flushed it with deionised water and re-filled with RED coolant from GSF and everything is sorted now.

By the way, the original coolant for the car is ONLY available from the Citroen dealer and it's Part number is 1637756080 and it is £7.99 for 1L. I purchased the red one from GSF for £10 for 5L (concentrate).

Since I was going to flush and clean the entire coolant system, I went for the RED one which is the UK standard and easily available.

Hope someone will find it useful.

Thank you for the help and advice those who have contributed.

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Thu Apr 25 2019, 12:32am

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Excellent - have you been able to use the car for some time and know it’s fixed?
Thu Apr 25 2019, 04:13am
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FrankBullitt wrote ...

Excellent - have you been able to use the car for some time and know it’s fixed?

Yes, been driving it on the motorway with temp set to HI and no issue so far. All seems and works as how it should be.
Wed May 08 2019, 03:15am
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For anyone else reading this post, RED is not a specification for the correct coolant: colour can be completely misleading.

I've been using BASF Glysantin G30, usually available in the UK under Comma Xstream G30 branding/packaging. Its happens to be pink at 50% dilution. BASF are coy, they say suitable for Citroen and Peugeot. They cant say its officially approved by PSA because PSA have their own specification for purchasing and tender which has a proprietary colour.

So far as I can tell, its the same silicate free BASF stuff PSA put in the cars as factory fill without their own specified special green dye.

Don't use other RED/PINK coolants without doing your homework. Colour means nothing, its just a dye.
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 jsg1163 (10 May 2019 : 10:03)
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