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EGS - Yahoo!!

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Tue Dec 19 2006, 01:55pm

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
wozza wrote ...

........... Setup is the most important bit. Might also be worth adding some sound proofing into the door pods that will make it a little louder and increase the sound quality and stop any rattles.

I agree - even with the standard setup you can get some annoying rattle and vibration from the doors
Wed Apr 18 2007, 06:12am
I agree with the comments on the EGS box - I've had mine for 1400 miles now - before this I was driving a Smart Brabus. The C4 change is miles better than the Smart, who's changes were painfully slow at times, but the car was still a hoot!

To those who say 'I don't drive autos' - you should give the EGS a try - it has all the benefits of a manula without the hassle (the clutch).
Wed Apr 18 2007, 06:39am
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well it is looking good the the EGS...no real complaints from any of you guys with them. I will have to have a go in one when I start looking for a new one in about a year, or maybe bight the bulet and get a VTS...
Wed Apr 18 2007, 11:11am
Four and a half thousand on the car now...

The EGS is the natural way to drive for me now....you control the gearbox but the car does the change for you...unless you leave it in full Auto mode around town..

It's still a pleasure every time I drive it...

With regards to the K&N Induction kit... I'm still waiting for the definitive write up from the factory, together with dyno print outs... save to say, there was a 9 BHP increase at best....

It does feel a wee bit quicker and there is a rather nice induction noise, best described as a loud suck/hiss type sound...around 2000 revs that fades away as the revs rise...

I am still looking to get 'Angel' to re-map the ECU sometime....talking of which, a 'bump' for anyone north of the border looking to get it done? We should try to arrange it so that we can get a bigger discount ....
Fri Aug 22 2008, 04:47pm
70,000 miles later. EGS - Yahoo!!, still going strong....

Fantastic gearbox, good car. The gearbox is such a 'plus' I can't believe I could ever easily switch back to a 'normal' manual. And I've had some great cars with manual boxes. Until now I've always had manuals (I've never even driven an automatic) but the EGS is such a treat.

I give it some stick between Leeds and Manchester, but have never got less than 50 mpg. For the last few months or so (credit crunch and all that) I've been sticking between 60 and 65 on the motorway, and have never slipped below 60 mpg. For a couple of weeks I got 70+. Given that I also do a lot of weekend city driving this is fantastic.

I can't fault the 'auto' mode. It holds onto first gear a bit too long for my liking, but everthing else is great. Changes are smooth and quick. In 'manual' I prefer to use the gearstick, rather than the paddles (personal choice) and prefer it in 'Sport'. Having all the benefits of a manual box (power / economy) but having the convenience of an auto cannot be underestimated.

As for the car overall - the boot is too small really, and the black interior is a bit too sombre (and shows every speck of dirt) but otherwise it really is a great car. The dash still pleases, the engine has enough kick, the economy is spot on and the gearbox is amazing!
Sat Aug 23 2008, 02:07am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Nice to read a positive review Dom especially in view of the mileage already covered
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