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0159 (or was it 0156 ?!)

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Thu Feb 07 2019, 06:30am
Member No: #53048
Joined: Feb 05 2019
Location: Doncaster, Yorkshire, UK
I went to view this car last night, expecting to buy it, but sadly its a bit the worse for wear despite its paper credentials.

1 previous owner
part service history
74500k miles (as at 06 Feb 2019)
bright red with white wheels
long MoT

An MoT history check revealed possible neglect - almost every test reported worn tyres despite it only having been driven 5k miles a year.

From a distance, the car is a stunner. Its absolutely gorgeous. But upon viewing the car more closely, I found various chips and scratches - rear bumper, arches, front bumper, lacquer missing/degraded on both mirrors and spots on bumpers. The interior was utterly filthy and the drivers seat has a tear in the outer leather. The alcantara trim was worn down to the backing on both doorcards. The bootlid handle was missing its outer (coloured) cover. The dash had marks and the overall feeling was that it had been neglected for many many years. maybe one owner, but apparently not a caring one. All four tyres were almost bald and all the brake discs were badly worn.

On the plus side, the engine was smooth and there were no dents, obvious accident damage or rust. It has the dual zone heating upgrade.

But I didn't even take it for a test drive. With new tyres, brakes and a service I'm sure it'll continue to survive for many years to come, but to get it back to 'very good' condition will take a lot of money and effort IMHO.

The seller is a trader who was absolutely up front about the condition, and the asking price of £995 reflected this.

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