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C5 and the future of C4 ?

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Sat May 04 2019, 09:31am
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Joined: Oct 11 2016
Location: Cambridge
And so it came to pass.

C4 Pic/spacetourer 5 seater no longer being made, just pipeline and dealer stock now. I think here will be a C5 aircross 7 seater soon, so that will be the end. The cactus is notionally a C4 but sells as cactus so C4 can be forgotten and Citroen no longer have a mainstream mid-size offering.

Next step further shrinking of the dealer network as volumes decline and leave all the UK market share worries to Vauxhall?
Sat May 04 2019, 05:52pm

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Location: Cambridgeshire
Like it or not, crossovers are where it’s at - sales of the Spacetourer/ Picasso have been low for some time. Citroen is in a pretty good place with the Aircross range (C3 and C5) so I'd be interested to see what the next C4 does look like.

Unfortunately Citroen's amazing history has a habit of bankrupting it, there’s no benefit in continuing this MO.

Vauxhall are also moving heavily into Crossovers but I do see a C4/ Astra/ 308 chassis as being a success.
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