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Ventilation fan/Air cond. not working

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Sat Jan 19 2019, 06:47am
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Joined: Jan 19 2019
Location: Stavanger
Hi guys,

Having been sat on the drive for 2 weeks over Christmas, I went to drive our C4 2011 (B7) only to discover that it seems to have developed a fault with the internal ventilation fan. None of the settings on fan speed produce any air. The lights on the fan controls are still visible and the AC and recirculation options are selectable.

I'm wondering if it is a fuse, but the vehicle handbook does not state the location of the fuse for the fan. Or, can the problem be the resistor pack maybe?

Any advice will be much appreciated.

Tue Feb 05 2019, 10:40am
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Joined: Jul 28 2016
Location: Norway
Hi, did you find any solutions on this matter? I have the same problem myself today and I also struggle to find any information on where the fuses is located for the fan
Wed Nov 20 2019, 02:52pm
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Joined: Nov 20 2019
Location: Merseyside
replying to you both! im guessing now that some months have passed has everything been sorted? if so what is the process to fixing!?
Tue Jan 21 2020, 10:19am
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Joined: Feb 14 2018
Location: Hants
I have this problem now. Gotta be a know manufacture issue. Blowers works on start up but stops in use. Fuse and blower ok because it work fine on car reset. seems to be a software fault??? When you press the front screen demist the blower should max out but it does nothing unitil you exit the car lock and therby reset. [%*^#@!] design for an Exclusive + GP4 no heater in winter. any ideas got my dash fan heater on amazon order. refuse to my a dianostic fee plus to Citroen
Fri Jan 24 2020, 03:33am
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Joined: Feb 14 2018
Location: Hants
So the heaters and fans kick in after a while but you have no real control. Also the time and date and eco setting change of their own accord. Looks like the firmware settings controlling everything are corrupting like a PC cmos battery has failed. I disconnect the main battery once and the date required a reset. How are the control panel firmware settings maintained?
Wed Feb 26 2020, 09:14am
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Joined: May 28 2015
Location: Malaysia
Hi all,

I am having the same problem now. It seems that the blower fan comes on and goes off by itself. I managed to access the fan from the left side by removing the glovebox , mine is a RHD.
I went on to remove the fan from its housing by twisting, then the fan turned on. I decided maybe a loose wiring may have caused it and fixed everything back. I tried again and the fan doesn't turn on.

Now i removed the glovebox again, access the fan, shaking it, but fan will not go on, then suddenly the fan just went on by itself without any touching of anything!

I am really lost on how to diagnose this, could it be a software problem or is this a symptom of the blower fan motor is on it's last useable use, my mileage is about 150k km

anyone that can give any guide on how to solve this?

thanks in advance

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