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Protective Shields for Rear Disc Brakes C4 2012 1.6HDI 112 HP

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Sun Jan 13 2019, 08:46am
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Joined: Nov 30 2009
Location: aberdeen
Hi all, as per title, I need to procure and replace the OEM inner protective dust shields (disc guards, etc), rear disc brakes 2012 1.6 Diesel. Does anyone know the part number and where best to procure them.

Many thanks
Sun Jan 13 2019, 09:41am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
This could be it - 4209.E3 - I'd need your VIN to be certain.

I can't find a dealer price....

Got it. £50.29 + VAT = £60.35 Ouch!
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 gmerry (27 Jan 2019 : 05:47)
Sun Jan 13 2019, 10:58am
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Hi There is one in Sweden for 17 pounds and one in Latvia for 57 euro also for sale in Russia think you should be able to find one in UK
Sun Jan 27 2019, 05:56am
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Joined: Nov 30 2009
Location: aberdeen
Hi BigJohnD and Iscom, thanks a bunch for posting up the parts drawing and suggestions.

I've ordered the rear disk protectors from Rigbyes. Together with new rear discs, calipers, ABS sensors, rear hoses from other suppliers. The rear disc protectors will probably get a coat of eatch primer and hammerite.

Some time in the next two weeks I intend to replace the entire rear brakes as everything is very corroded, seized, scored etc. The car will shortly see daily use for medium/long distance commuting: with the brakes in their current state its only a matter of time before they start dragging or seize on.

In the meantime, with winter wheels fitted, I've taped over the slots to stop rainwater driving through the wheel cooling slots. Long term, I'll fit brake dust covers inside the alloy wheel (in an attempt to reduce rear brake corrosion and problems).

Many thanks
Sun Jan 27 2019, 09:51am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
gmerry wrote ...

I've ordered the rear disk protectors from Rigbyes.

Best place!
Thu May 16 2019, 02:28am
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Joined: Nov 30 2009
Location: aberdeen
Hi all, finally got around to fitting new rear disk protectors, new rear disks complete with bearings etc, new rear calipers, new rear brake hoses, new rear ABS sensors.

Rust was incredible. ABS sensors were really badly worn away on the tips by the rust.

Getting off the stub axle was made difficult by lack of access on two of the torx fasteners for a hammer to loosen the corrosion inside the torx headand make sure the torx bit was fully seated. In the end I removed the three most accessible fasteners and then rotated the whole stubaxle assembly to undo the last fastener.

Prior to reassembly, the entire stubaxle assembly and matching flange on the rear axle beam was cleaned up using a flapwheel to remove the heavy corrosion. Otherwise nothing would sit flat. After corrosion was removed, a coating of zinc rich primer was applied to keep corrosion at bay for a couple of years hopefully.

The new rear disk protectors were spray painted using an etching primer, then aluminium finish paint.

Everything was reasseembled in the "reverse order". 36mm hex socket used to tighten the hub nut. I only use 3/4" sockets for these very high torques. New fasteners should be used to attach the stubaxle. I used medium strength Loctite.

The only parts I ordered from ebay were the replacement ABS sensors. Although they came labelled with the correct Citroen part number, I found that the mounting clip for the electrical connector was mis-positioned by about 10mm on the plastic moulding and required some trimming with a Stanley knife. Much better in my opinion to use genuine Citroen spares for these parts.

Now after 60 miles of gentle bedding in, the rear handbrake action is much more positive and hopefully will fly through the MOT.

Here is a list of the major parts I used:-

Citroen 4209 E3 brake disc protectors
TRW BHN930 rear handbrake caliper
TRW BHN931 rear handbrake caliper
b.pro PRO-0817221 COATED rear disks
BOSCH 0 986 494 596 rear pad set complete with new shims and mounting screws
PAGID rear brake hose pipes/hose assembly.

Note, noticed that the ATE/TEVES brake bleed screws on the front calipers were in poor shape due to corrosion, and will need replacement before any future front brake work can be carried out.


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