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C4P Wing Mirror fix/replacement

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Thu Jan 10 2019, 11:45am
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Joined: Jan 18 2017
Location: Warwickshire
Hi All,
The passenger wing mirror on our 63 plate (2013) C4P has stopped folding in/out.
It was working fine, then the other day it just started only being able to fold out a very short way. We manually moved it out. It would then fold in under the motor control, but again not open fully. Now it's not doing anything so we've opened it to the proper position.
It does not feel 'locked' in position, i.e. there's no resistance to moving it now.
I've put my ear up against it to try and listen if the motor is running when the other mirror is folding - I don't think it is (I can't hear anything to indicate it is).

The mirror glass adjustment works fine.

I'm assuming to remove the mirror I have to take the door trim off? Or can the smaller section by the mirror be removed in isolation?

My next question is - if I can't repair it - if I order on off Euro Car Parts (part no 489540891 I think) can I swap the Shark Grey plastic from the original onto the replacement?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Wed Jan 16 2019, 08:13am
Member No: #47314
Joined: Jan 18 2017
Location: Warwickshire
Bumping this.
Is anyone able to offer any assistance? Surely someone's replaced a mirror, or at least removed the door trim.

What I've learned so far (from YouTube) is to stock up on spare clips that hold the door card/trim in place. Seems they snap really easily.

Alternatively, are there any Peugeot models that share the same part, or even internals of the mirror?

Thu Jan 17 2019, 07:56am
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Location: Dublin
The problem is likely similar to the one we had when the mirror was vandalised (ripped out from the folded position )

Internally to the mirror unit is a spring-loaded "hinge pin", maybe 2.5" long and 0.75" diameter with a flange on top to trap the spring.

It holds the mirror unit against the motor, and also holds it in place on the "locking" points ..

Long story short - this is a heavy-duty nylon injection-moulded piece, but is sacrificial ...

You can replace it without removing the unit from the door - it's fiddly, but doable - hardest part is getting a new piece - they're not sold separately, and the mirrors run to €800 or so (primed) if you have the cameras on 'em !

In my case, a local breakers yard had a unit from a lower spec car, and I salvaged the "pin" from it ... once I had that, it's a fairly simple operation to replace it
Thu Jan 17 2019, 11:35am
Member No: #47314
Joined: Jan 18 2017
Location: Warwickshire
Thanks proinnsias - useful info.

I have also found a previous post - - Click Here - - not sure how I missed it before.

I'll have a look at it, but I think I'll wait for the weather to warm up before risking breaking plastic clips!

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