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Rear seatbelt warning

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Fri Jan 04 2019, 06:56am
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Joined: Apr 10 2013
Location: Brandon Suffolk
2010 plate C4 2.0 hdi hatch.

Just had to transport a friends father on a 4 hour journey. He is a big man and covered a seat and a half, belt was ok as he managed to get mid belt into middle socket, we also plugged os behind him into that socket. they didnt sink into the seat far enough and he was sat on the connection all the journey,
so its either a cushion or disable them. On my old grand you could lift the seat base up, cant find catch to do so on hatch.
Question is do they lift or can i get at wiring to unplug. Were making the same journey again this weekend ( jan 6th )
i know some one will have the answer so thank you in advance
Sat Jan 05 2019, 07:54am
Member No: #32746
Joined: Oct 06 2013
Location: Exeter
You can lift the base of the back seats up, if that's what you're asking? You just sort of put your hand underneath the front lip and tug.

As for the wiring, yes you should be able to unplug them (you will need to lift the seats up I think) but I've no idea what affect that will have on the beeper (hopefully kills it).

It's a shame the whole 'alarm if weight is detected but seatbelt not on' thing can't be disabled in the car's menu, I think you have to use DiagBox for it (but correct me if I'm wrong).
Fri Sep 06 2019, 05:56pm
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Joined: May 19 2019
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To silence our seat belt alarm, we folded down the rear portion of the unused seat. I was carrying speakers and such, beep beep beep!!! Good idea but not well thought out...

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