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Alternator regulator C4 2004 1.6

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Thu Jan 03 2019, 11:19am
Member No: #40668
Joined: May 24 2015
Location: Yorkshire
Has anyone changed the alternator regulator before ? Any pics or step by steps ? I'm guessing that it's an internal type ? Any advice tnx
Sat Jan 05 2019, 08:10am
Member No: #32746
Joined: Oct 06 2013
Location: Exeter
Hi maf

I'll be honest I'm not too knowledgeable in this area, but both the Bosch and Valeo alternators look fairly similar (based on the parts diagram). It seems that on both of them the regulator sits at the back under a cover. Looks like you would just need to unbolt the cover to get at them (rather than having to open the main assembly).

Hope you get it sorted matey.

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