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2013 c4 heater/blower problem

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Fri Nov 09 2018, 01:19pm
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Joined: Nov 08 2018
Location: Aberdeenshire
I have a 2013 1.6 hdi exclusive c4. The heating works but blowers dont. Replaced the resistor. Tested the motor it works fine and even replaced the instrument panel in cabin and it still refuses to work. Has anyone got any ideas or experienced this to help me fix it. Its already cost me in excess of £200 with no solution.

Thu Nov 22 2018, 01:59pm
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Joined: Dec 18 2016
Location: Leksand
Do you have 12 volts on the control module ? Even mentioned as resistor.
I assume you have climate control in your car.
I did not have the 12V on mine control module. I went back to the fuses on top of the battery (under the hood) and the fan fuse is located under the detachable brick.There is a black wire (+) coming from the control module and going to this fuse. Note that fuse is located under the mentioned plate, means you have to lift it up to be able to control the fuse. Also, as you might see, the fuse is hold in place by nuts on upper side of the plate. In my case one (of the two) nut was not tighten properly and generated a failure like on/off and at the end the fan gave up. I was lucky to find the nut, I tighten it and VOALA!! Fan working again.

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