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Xenon Retrofit to C4Grand Picasso (no nonsense newbie blind question)

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Fri Nov 09 2018, 12:31pm
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Joined: Nov 07 2018
Location: Lithuania
Hello, I have Citroen C4 Picasso which have regular halogen headlights. When I enter VIN in one site I also see halogen option from the factory.

I saw it have xenon headlight washers covers, but thought it just company saving to manufacture same part for both version. Imagine my surprise when I changed air filter I noticed there is complete xenon lamps washers and hoses. I believe at some point car had accident and fitted complete front bumper from xenon equiped car? Another surprise was when message of low screen washer apeared. Capacity for non xenon is 3 liter for xenon 6liter. I bought 5 liters and all of them went to washer tank-so I have 6 liters tank.

That is quite an interesting ability to retrofit xenons. I can have xenon or bixenon (not sure) headlights (the facelifted version with transparent side markers) quite cheaply.

Anyone have real world expierence or schematic for xenon system C4 Grand Picasso?

I have
1) AT LEAST full bumper washing system and 6 liter washer tank.
2) Diagbox and Lexia software to enable xenon headlights
3) Xenon headlights

What else do I need?
Where is level sensors-in the lamp?
do I need extra headlights ECU?

I have been told that I need xenon headlights shells (have no ide what this), levelling sensors on the rear (also I have no idea what this is).

Appreciate any help, photos or shematics.

Thanks a million

I did my homwork. anything more needed?

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Mon Nov 12 2018, 06:05am
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Joined: Feb 21 2016
Location: Dublin
Level Sensors feed to the ECU on the xenon ballasts - these control the height adjustment motors in the lamps to avoid the beam going too high (self-leveling)

The "Shells" are the entire lamp unit (plastics etc) which you'll need as the inner components are quite different to halogen ones. Likewise you'll need the ballasts and associated wiring if the terminals to connect to the car's harness differ.
Sun Feb 03 2019, 03:10am
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Joined: Mar 09 2016
Location: West Sussex
Maybe other owners with xenons could comment to see if they agree with me and whether they think it is worth the bother of changing. I haven't driven a C4GP without xenons to compare but although they look nice on the car and they turn to light up the corners when you steer and you don't need headlight converters when you travel to Europe, I find that they don't quite light up far enough down the road. When you are travelling at night down country roads, only the cats eyes in the immediate vicinity light up which make it hard to see corners coming up.

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