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Wrong Oil?

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Fri Nov 09 2018, 05:39am
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Joined: Dec 17 2017
Location: Nottinghamshire
My Picasso 2.0 blue hdi has been refilled with 5/30 instead of 0/30
What, if any, problems could result from this?
Fri Nov 09 2018, 09:14am

Member No: #19238
Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
The only real issue is if the whether gets truly cold over the winter he viscosity won’t be as good as 0w but in reality you’re looking at well below freezing (like Scandinavian weather) - I would be more conserned they didn’t use the right oil and whether it has the correct SAPS rating as this can cause issues.

Frankly, oil is cheap and engines aren’t so I would get it flushed and replaced with the proper stuff.
Fri Nov 09 2018, 12:46pm
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Joined: Apr 09 2012
Location: Somerset
If you do as Frank suggests, don't forget to change the filter.
Fri Nov 09 2018, 03:33pm
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Joined: Nov 21 2010
Location: North Norfolk UK
If you look in the handbook the oils that are recomended are Ineo first at 0 30 and Ineo ecs which is 5 30. Both are C2 oils. If yours has had a proper C2 oil of either viscosity it is fine. If it hasn't had a C2 oil then I would change it for either viscosity C2 oil

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