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Can you change odometer back to mph via lexia or such for new head unit ?

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Fri Nov 09 2018, 03:27am
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Hi, I've just installed a Android 8.0 media system made for the C4 in my 2007 C4 hatchback and everything superb ... except my mileage units which are now in KPH. I was well aware that I could change it back with my RD4 radio. I knew if I took out the battery this would reset as I had encountered this before. So switched with the battery connected but I guess it must have been the lost of power to the RD4 rather than the power to elsewhere. I've been through all my options in the new head units setting and the password protected factory setting area with can-bus settings etc. I can't find anything in there. I guess if I plug my RD4 back in I can fix it but it will reset again when plug the new one in and I'll back back to square one. I was wondering is there any options in lexia or something similar I could buy and reprogram it while the new head unit is in it. Or any other ideas you have to fix it. As I said previous, this unit is great, it's snappy comes with all cables and works right out the box including steering controls etc.. But trying to fix this would be ideal before I do my full review for the forum.

Fri Nov 09 2018, 05:03am

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I'm assuming you don't have a MENU button on the steering wheel boss, i.e. you don't have VTR+ or higher trim level.

Did you use a CANBus adapter interface? Does this modify the operation of the steering wheel buttons? I can't remember the details but a long hold on >> (or another button related to the radio) may open the menu.

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