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C4 5 door hatch 1.6 petrol gearbox problem

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Mon Nov 05 2018, 10:35am
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Joined: Nov 05 2018
Location: Reykjavik
Hi all.

Magnus in Iceland here, I am new to the forum.

So I green lighted the purchase of a family member of a 2008 C4 1.6 5sp . The car was on the cheap because it has a gearbox problem. It is making a whining sound in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears when the clutch is engaged, nothing in neutral or when the clutch is pressed. Other than that it is fine, smooth shifting, hits all gears. This to my knowledge is very probably a wonky output shaft bearing. In the next couple of weeks I intend to crack open the box and attempt a fix by replacing that bearing or/and anything else I see wonky.

As a backup plan I need to be able to source a used gearbox if the fault turns out un-fixable. So here is my question...are the Citroen 1.6 engine gearboxes interchangeable between Citroen and Peugeot? After a quick check for availability I currently cant put my hands on a used C4 box up here in Iceland but might have more luck finding one for a a Peugeot 1.6. A quick look through Ebay it would suggest the box model is 20CQ16 and it is the same for Peugeot and Renault.

If anyone can confirm or refute any of the above it would be highly appreciated.


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