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Default Audio Input on Startup - 2014 C4 Pic Exclusive

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Fri Nov 02 2018, 04:15am
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I've got a post ongoing relating to Bluetooth but I've been trialling AUX as well and have realised the same happens with both inputs, so here goes.

Has anybody managed to get Spotify working in their car automatically ie playing on startup? I've tried two methods and neither work:

Bluetooth - Phone works absolutely fine when selecting Bluetooth input, however when returning the car the audio will default back to radio. This means I need to go into the settings every time I start up and select Bluetooth

AUX - same thing - I have an old phone connected to AUX and USB and it is set up using tasker to start playing music when power is present. Works absolutely fine during driving but again defaults back to Radio on startup.

I can kind of understand it on Bluetooth (even though no car i've had in the past has worked like this) as there isn't an instant connection / music streaming on startup so it thinks nothing is connected, however on AUX i've checked and the music is already playing before I press the Power button as the USB cable is powered from the car being unlocked, so there is a feed coming down the AUX cable on startup. Why won't the car resume playback via AUX (or Bluetooth)?

If anybody has gotten around this or has any other options to stream Spotify in car please let me know as it's the only thing that's frustrating me about the car, yet something i have had since my 2002 VW Polo with a £30 headunit (and every car subsequently)
Sun Dec 30 2018, 04:26pm
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I was looking into this, I don't think theres a way to change the default source but mines does play spotify from my phone (Xperia XZ Premium) as soon as bluetooth is selected continuing from where it left off. So it's it's only a couple of clicks (SRC on wheel and then the ok button of the scroll wheel)

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