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C4 hatch 2005 2.0 HDi EGR issues

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Thu Oct 25 2018, 06:27pm
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Car as per the subject.
Symptoms - car is juddering when under medium acceleration. Feels like air in the fuel system (it's definitely not air).
High pressure regulator was checked and it is not the problem.
It feels like EGR is constantly open (or opens under load), as the pipe going from the EGR to intake is scorching hot.
At first I though it might just be the DPF regen cycle, but after 50 miles pipe was still hot.
EGR was replaced with new unit.
MAF sensor was checked and replaced for a good measure but it seems that EGR still stays open, causing judder.
New EGR was calibrated using DiagBox, but the problem persist.

i will try to check if EGR cycles can be seen in DB and whether there is a correlatoin with any other parameters, but I could not pinpoint any specific module.

The only thing I didn't check is voltage and reference voltage in the EGR plug, but I will try to do it later this week.

I have my suspicions, but don't want to take big guns yet, so I wanted to ask for your opinions.


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