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EGS actuator fluid change and tank location

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Thu Oct 25 2018, 04:31pm
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Just some info if folk want it.

The tank that holds the EGS actuator fluid is accessed by removing the left wheel and arch liner.
Once removed you can clearly see the tank in the picture below at the front of the wheel arch.

The tank may need a a clean so you can see the fluid level

I removed the lid and drained the old fluid with a length of 6mm clear tube and a large syringe. It took a few goes to drain and getting the tube into the tank is fiddly as there is a blank with a hole.in it to stop things going into the tank

I did this a while ago and the fluid was quite dirty, it will need doing again soon as it's not a full fluid drain so the new fluid mixes with the old.
I read online that the fluid is ATF Dexron III so I just refilled the tank with that.

I changed the gearbox oil at the same time and that was dirty and in need of a change.

You don't have to worry about pressuring the system as you're just draining and refilling the header tank. I left a wee bit of fluid in the tank just to make sure no air got in the line.

My C4GP has done 140k

Hope this helps some folk

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Sun Nov 11 2018, 10:54am
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thanks this guide will come in handy when i finally get around to doing mine
Sun Nov 11 2018, 11:01am
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thanks this guide will come in handy when i finally get around to doing mine
Wed Dec 05 2018, 04:49am
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Hi there thanks for posting this has it been running ok with the dexron oil as i have read that it is only supposed to to have a dealer supply oil in which is £30 a litre
And on my old banger of a car thats a lot of money
Thu Dec 13 2018, 07:08am
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its been fine no issues at all

Its the same spec apparently
Mon Jun 29 2020, 02:28pm
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Hi i bought cp4 picasso auto 2007 , and got few concers, gearbox shift slowly and when shift move me forward and backward. I saw now this post and i will check the oil in that tank. I make my registration today btw, can somebody explain me or give a link how to change and refil the oil in the gearbox. I do myself maitenance on the zf gearbox, but this is new "animal" for me. Thanks:).
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 Sar0123 (09 Feb 2023 : 08:26)
Sun Jan 31 2021, 05:04pm
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A word to the wise of this forum. I tried refilling my actuator resevoir with ATF Dexron III as recommended above and had serious issues immediately. The actuator was making really nasty noises. I noticed that the Dexron had split from the 'hydraulic oil' that was already in the resevoir so then had to syphon it all out.
I replaced it with Revenol GHA-F and all is well.

Correct me if I am wrong, but ATF Dexron III is transmission fluid, not hydraulic oil ?? The Actuator uses hydraulics?
Mon Feb 01 2021, 01:11pm
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Actuator uses hydraulics
Sat Nov 20 2021, 01:39pm
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Gearbox actuator oil
Part number 9979.A4
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 schghe (16 Jun 2022 : 05:27)

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