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Concerning changing to alloy wheels?

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Thu Oct 18 2018, 04:13pm
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Joined: May 08 2008
Location: Ex Carcassonne France, now NW Wilts
I realise that this isn't on a Citroën, but it could have been.

OK, this is the scene. You have a nice Merc A series, you are a 20 year old bloke and you decide that you would like a nice shiny set of alloy wheels on your pride and joy. So you go to a garage and get a nice new set fitted last Friday. You drive around a bit and some of it on the M4. Then on you way home, Sunday lunch time, to your nice little village in Wiltshire you get almost to the 30 restriction for the village and the front left wheel falls off!

When the garage who fitted the wheels for you 2 days before is contacted they say that when new alloys are fitted they should be re-torqued within so many miles and that because you didn't return to get it done is the reason the one fell off. By the way, the 'gentleman' in the garage didn't tell you that the re-torque needed to be done.

Now? What would be your reaction may I ask?

One instant reaction that occurs to me is that thank christ it didn't happen at M4 speeds!!!
Thu Oct 18 2018, 06:10pm

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Location: Manchester
While yes they should have been checked again. In reality if it fell off, that says it was likely not torqued to spec or the incorrect bolts used.

I've never needed to tighten up any I have done, only check them to make sure they were fine with the torque wrench.

But they will have that as a get out clause. I'd personally be thinking.... What else is broken though and thank god we didn't die.
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 Jonzjob (19 Oct 2018 : 15:39)
Fri Oct 19 2018, 03:51pm
Member No: #3581
Joined: May 08 2008
Location: Ex Carcassonne France, now NW Wilts
Thank you for your reply Wozza.

What you are saying is that because he didn't go back in and have them checked the day after they had been fitted then he is in the wrong as far as any claim may be concerned?

How many miles would you expect to travel before the torque would need to be checked. After all, if you buy a new car they are fitted with new wheels and with all of the new cars I have bought I have never heard that it need the wheel nut torque to be done? And these days there are no 1500 mile checks/oil change or anything like that?

From what I can make out there's a panel ( ? ) that is damaged along with the front left break assy and suspension. If it were mine the drivers seat would need a DEEP clean too!
Sat Oct 20 2018, 04:38am
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My guess is they fitted the nuts as tight as possible on the lift & forgot to torque them up when the car was sitting on the wheels.

I would be getting the garage to foot the bill for the repair & not use the garage to complete the repairs.

If the garage complains - and they will, talk to trading standards.
Sat Oct 20 2018, 12:30pm
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Joined: May 08 2008
Location: Ex Carcassonne France, now NW Wilts
The garage is doing all to put it right, but they said that if the bloke had insisted on going through the insurance they would deny it and they have the CCTV footage to prove they did the job correctly. What the hell that means is anyone's guess.

I have to say that the lad is nowt to do with us. He is the son of someone we know, so have no say in the matter. It was my curiosity that drove me to pose the situation.

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