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Key Fob Acting Weird

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Fri Oct 05 2018, 05:08pm
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Joined: Oct 05 2018
Location: Nottingham

Hope I have posted in the correct forum, I have a C4 Picasso vts egs 2011, I picked the car up from the dealer (just bought 2 days ago), I was told the battery in the fob might be on its way out, the car would not unlock with the key fob, will only unlock with key in drivers door.

I replaced the battery in fob and still not working, I followed the instructions in the booklet.

- Key in ignition (ignition off)
- Turn key to ignition on, and press and hold locking button for about 5 secs.
- Release button on fob
- Turn ignition off
- Wait about 10-15 secs and fob programming should be complete.

This sorted the problem and all was working fine all 3 buttons after 30 mins it stops working and need to follow the steps again to fix it.

Anyone got an idea what could cause it.

Thank you
Sat Oct 06 2018, 03:00am
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Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
Do you have 2 remote keys, and if so, is the other OK? You could take the key to Timpsons, who will easily check whether the remote function is working. I had an issue with one of our keys, which would not unlock and, in our case, would not operate the remote ignition. There was no signal from the key, but the battery tested as OK. A new battery and all was OK. Cost £5.
Sat Oct 06 2018, 03:56pm
Member No: #52273
Joined: Oct 05 2018
Location: Nottingham
Cheers for the reply,

I have replaced the Key Fob with a new battery tried 2 new ones and checked the volt reading both batteries showing healthy.

The car re-sync worked fine and was functioning correctly, but after 30 mins loses its signal and will not work from the fob, I have to repeat the re-sync again to get it to work again.

Looks like a trip to Citroen unless someone knows what can be causing it.


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