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Reversing Sensors & Towing

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Wed Aug 29 2018, 10:47am
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Location: Isle of Wight
I have just bought a 2014 C4 Hatch to replace my Zxsaa Picasso so that I can tow a small caravan. I wish to install reversing sensors but have some questions. I have searched the site but cannot find info on installing them on a mark 2.
My questions are
1 Is it ok to take the supply off the reversing light.
2. Is there a way from behind the bumper area into the boot / spare wheel area without drilling a hole in any metal work.
3. The car is fitted with a flange type tow bar with an extended neck tow ball. Is the tow ball likely to set off the reversing sensors.
4. Does a switch need to be installed to switch off the sensors when towing.

I am proposing to use a set of sensors off eBay unless you suggest otherwise.

Many thanks
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 tegdag (06 Oct 2018 : 06:28)
Wed Aug 29 2018, 11:23am

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If you do not have a way of manually isolating them then they will indeed scream at you when you hit reverse whilst towing - also be aware that most sensors pick-up flange-type towbars so whether towing or not there is a good chance you will set the sensors off as soon as you select reverse. If you want to install sensors then you may well need to consider replacing the towbar with a swan-neck but I am not sure if it would just be a direct replacement with the locating bar on your car.

We use a demountable but it costs...
Thu Aug 30 2018, 03:52am
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Joined: Aug 19 2018
Location: Isle of Wight
Thank you Frank for the useful information may be I need to rethink. I did consider number plate reversing sensors but the number plate slopes backwards. Another option may be to investigate reversing cameras. If anybody else has ideas they would be much appreciated.

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