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Is ConnectNav useless on a 2nd hand vehicle?

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Tue Aug 28 2018, 04:26pm
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Joined: Mar 23 2012
Location: Lancashire
I'm hoping somebody can give me a straightforward answer to my query, something which Citroen UK are struggling to do!

Yesterday I purchased a 2017 C4GP 1.6hdi Flair which was advertised with ConnectNav and Connect Box. I didn't purchase the vehicle from a Citroen dealership, it was from an Arnold Clark Motorstore some 90 miles away from home. Being only 18 months I assumed, even if the connect services (live traffic etc) had already been registered, I'd still have 18 months of these free. However, after having a play around with the system today, I cannot for the life in me get live traffic. I was expecting it to go to the TomTom icon.

So I nipped down to our local Citroen dealership to ask them about it. One of the sales guys had a look at it, tried to connect a few times and failed, so said I need to book it in to the workshop to be looked at. Without doing this, I came home to have another look at it, no joy. So I phoned Citroen UK, they didn't have a clue what I was wanting to achieve but eventually they got it. They informed me that it was something the dealer would do and they phoned our local dealer to discuss. They told me to speak to one of the sales guys there who said he could easily activate it.

So I phoned the dealership again to speak to this salesman. However, he wasn't aware that I hadn't bought the car from a Citroen dealership so said he couldn't do anything without Citroen UK authorising it.

So back onto the phone to Citroen UK, still no help. I was basically told that, because of data protection, they couldn't just activate it and that, due to not having the car from new, I wasn't entitled to the 3 years free anyway (or whatever may be remaining on it) and I wouldn't be able to purchase it either!

Surely there must be some way of getting the live traffic on it, isn't there?

Any help greatly appreciated
Wed Aug 29 2018, 03:30am
Member No: #50650
Joined: Mar 09 2018
Location: Birmingham
I'd say get in touch with Arnold C. and get them to do the hard work and get this sorted. You have paid thousands of pounds to get the top model and it should come with everything as a new car from a dealer.

On the other hand, I find the connect nav is useless, really slow and not very accurate and update as compare to the free tools such as Google Map, Waze and TomTom speed camera widget. These three items are the best inventions when comes to road traffic, live updates, speed cameras, speed limit, road restrictions and much more... and guess what they are all updated and FREE.

If the time comes where you will have to pay for the connectNav services, think again and remember the above message.
Thu Nov 29 2018, 06:28am
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Joined: Nov 29 2018
Location: Glasgow
russ_g_uk wrote ...

Yesterday I purchased a 2017 C4GP 1.6hdi Flair which was advertised with ConnectNav and Connect Box. [...]

I have the same issue - mine is also from Arnold Clark Motorstore (Glasgow). I did contact the Arnold Clark Citroen branch (Armadale) and they want to charge me £109 for something what was supposed to be activated when car was first sold. Arnold Clark wanted to 'connect car' to some device (probably Lexia) to activate it... I went to other Citroen dealer (Parks) and they have no clue what to do as the car was not sold by them. The branches have no idea what to do but are very happy to take your money. I contacted also Citroen UK and they are also useless - they advice to contact the dealership. Funny thing that all Citroen branches from EU are doing it for FREE - but not UK. Even more funny is that this on-line feature of Connect Nav is supposed to be free for first 3 years from initial purchase, yet dealers don't activate it when selling car thus forcing people to pay money leater.
Thu Nov 29 2018, 06:55am
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Joined: Jul 21 2011
Location: Ireland Fermanagh & Galway
This is a problem I often come across no mater what product you buy
The retailer will state because you did not buy from them they don't want to know but that use to be till I bought a Sony Walkman which had a fault again the store refused to help till I pointed out I bought a Sony product because it could be service by a Sony dealer and after discussion they helped to solve the problem.
I would say the same about Citroen you buy the car because it a Citroen and every dealer should offer the same service no mater where you bought the car
Thu Nov 29 2018, 07:07am
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Joined: Nov 29 2018
Location: Glasgow
The thing is that dealers are extemely greedy here. They prefer to upset client than click 5 times in the computer and activate the stuff. I heard some time ago: The first car is sold by salesman but the next is sold by the service. Seeing that I'm not only one who has this isseu I think they forgot this.
Sat Dec 01 2018, 07:38am
Member No: #49774
Joined: Oct 31 2017
Location: Leicester
I would say take it to ArnoldC and tell them to sort it as it is not the advertised car. I had to do this with Nottingham Citroen. After a lot of arguing the new service manager admitted that his staff had not been trained properly and sorted it. By the sounds of it Citroen HQ don't train people very well, even if it is just a few clicks on a web site.
Fri Dec 07 2018, 08:08am
Member No: #52600
Joined: Nov 29 2018
Location: Glasgow
After writing complain to AC HQ they decided to activate it for free - works ! So my advice is go and write a complain to AC (link on AC website). They should be able to help - you don't need to go to garage, all is done remotely.

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