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Ticking / Chuffing sound on 1.6HDi 2009 (video link included)

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Mon Aug 13 2018, 02:44pm
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Joined: Oct 30 2017
Location: Preston
Hi all,

Would welcome anyone’s thoughts on this noise that I’ve started to notice over the past week. Seems like it’s getting louder but it might be just because I’m noticing it more.

The noise gets faster with revs and seems to quieten slightly with the clutch depressed whilst driving.

The timing belt was changed less than 12 months ago by the garage I bought the car from.

I searched the forums before posting and couldn’t find anyone describing the same noise but hopefully someone will have an idea on here. I’ve put a vid up on YouTube here https://youtu.be/ePNHbu4xK3M

A recent MOT indicated slight play in the offside front anti-roll bar joint - not that I think that’s anything to do with it but thought I’d include it in case.

I have a 400 mile trip to do on Saturday and I’m a bit wary about the sound so will more than likely be getting it to a garage beforehand but would welcome any thoughts. Cheers
Mon Aug 13 2018, 03:24pm
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Joined: Apr 02 2013
Location: Bolton
Could be a leeking fuel injector, if it is get it seen to as soon as possible as it could wreck your turbo....at eye watering cost
Mon Aug 13 2018, 03:42pm
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Joined: Oct 30 2017
Location: Preston
Cheers, yeah the more I read about things online I agree.
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Mon Aug 13 2018, 04:21pm
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Location: Hove
Injectors! Pull the cover off the top of the engine & have a look down around each injector.
Tue Dec 18 2018, 05:05pm
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Joined: Oct 30 2017
Location: Preston
Thought I’d give an update on this. The garage found an injector was rattling about they managed to get it out and thoroughly clean it up before reseating it with new seals (they found the old one to have warped). Car drove much better after that as you can imagine! Lucky I got it seen to before it seized in place. Thanks for the advice I received above.
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