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Damaged door mirror

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Sun Aug 12 2018, 11:17am
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Joined: Jul 06 2018
Location: Luxembourg
Hi. I'm new to the forum and I have a question about a damaged door mirror on my C4. Yes, I know my question is similar to many others on this site (I've read a lot of them!) but I have not seen one where the mirror in question looks like mine. However, mine does look very like the one in the diagram below (the part number of mine is 96467114, if that helps).
It seems that the painted cowling (which would be part "3" in the diagram) has been somehow pushed towards the car by about 5mm, as in the pictures. What I would like is to try to remove the cowling and reseat it; the apparent tab at the back in the diagram sort of suggests that it's clipped on somehow. I don't want to either force it unduly, or try to remove the mirror glass to be able to look inside, for fear of breaking something! Has anyone any ideas? Can the cowling be prised off, or the mirror glass safely detached?
Thanks in advance.

Sun Aug 12 2018, 01:12pm
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Joined: Feb 05 2012
Location: Bexhill on Sea
The mirror pulls off of the pad behind it, not too difficult, give it a tug and see if it comes off with the amount of force you are prepared to use. If not think of something else!
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 Rumpel (13 Aug 2018 : 14:44)
Mon Aug 13 2018, 02:46pm
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Joined: Jul 06 2018
Location: Luxembourg
Thanks, I'll bite the bullet and give it a try tomorrow. At least then I should be able to poke around inside.
Thu Aug 16 2018, 04:16pm
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Joined: Jul 06 2018
Location: Luxembourg
Well, for the benefit of others with the same problem, the cowling does come off. After popping out the mirror (with a reasonable but not excessive amount of force - thanks, Peter), you can look inside. The catch on the cowling appears to be the principal means of securing it, although in my case I found evidence of a very botched earlier repair where the cowling was stuck on (out of position!) with some sort of black mastic, and the catch was split. Still, a thin line of epoxy resin around all contacting surfaces put it back in place and it's as good as new.

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