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Aug 2010 C4 Picasso 1.6HDi Diesel - What Coolant type.

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Sun Aug 12 2018, 10:45am
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Good Afternoon all,
I have had a good search through forum messages and to be honest I am a bit confused over what type of coolant I require. I have also searched the handbook and service manual but they don't seem to give much information on the subject. Please can anyone advise. What already seems to be in place in the reservoir is sort of dirty clear-is liquid.
Please can someone also advise on the changing of the rear break pads. I will need to attend to these in the next month or two. Is it a job that is possible to do yourself as I have done on other previous cars I've owned.
Kindest Regards
Sun Aug 12 2018, 01:34pm
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I thought coolant was just water & antifreeze in measures given by the antifreeze manufacturer?

For the rear brakes, you need piston rewind tools one for each side/direction & release the electronic handbrake without accidentally having it reapply!
Sun Aug 12 2018, 04:45pm
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Location: Bolton
I thought the difference between the two was that coolant had anti scale and corrosion inhibitors added, but things may have changed now.

The last coolant I used came from Citroen dealer and was only a few pence dearer the local car accessory shops....and knowing I was using genuine Citroen part
Tue Aug 21 2018, 01:03am
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I recently changed the coolant on my C4GP and I just used the pink OAT type antifreeze (50/50 mix with plain water). it doesn't matter which antifreeze you use as long as it is the OAT type.

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