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Subtle Power Mods

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Sun Aug 12 2018, 07:00am
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Hopefully some of you knowledgeable folk can help me out.

I'm in a circle of friends that own mustangs and old school american classics and whilst not wanting to compete, i want to make my C4 something that does't stick out like a sore thumb for being boring and standard.

I have the 2007 Coupe 'Cool' model, 1.6 16v which is alright, i like it, the missus less so. I have played with the induction building a custom set up and similar with the exhaust, rear box only at present. Tinted the lights all round, added a sub and amp set up and just about to drop it on coilovers and vinyl wrap he roof.

What i would like to know is if there is a few subtle mods to perhaps make it go a little quicker when giving it the berries and if there is anything i can do about the gearbox because cruising at 70mph is about 3500rpm and seems high.

In terms of power upgrades, not looking masses, just a few extra ponies that won't need the internals changing, don't mind a mild cam or something, just not pistons etc.

Is there a 6 speed box i can put on to it, fairly easily to change the ratio to a more efficient level?

I have a squeak from the front end when accelerating a decelerating which i believe is the common shock absorber issue which the coilovers should fix, brakes are a bit of lottery sometimes so upgrading those to better discs and pads but otherwise, very much attached to my little C4 affectionately named 'Beast'

Looking forward to hearing from you with your suggestions and tips.


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