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C4 1.6 grand picasso won't rev above 2000rpm

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Wed Aug 08 2018, 01:47pm
Member No: #51841
Joined: Aug 08 2018
Location: Bury
Hi I am hoping someone can help me. My c4gp had to go in for a new turbo once they had done it they then said the ecu was faulty. The car wouldn't rev above 2000rpm. The ecu has now been sorted bit it still won't rev above 2000rpm. There are no fault codes showing but just will not gain power. I am clueless so hoping someone knows what it is and how to sort it please zzz
Wed Aug 08 2018, 03:34pm
Member No: #27768
Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
How long ago was the turbo replaced? Has it been OK at all since it was replaced?
When they replaced the turbo, did they strip the sump, replace the oil strainer & associated pipework?
Thu Aug 09 2018, 04:19am
Member No: #51841
Joined: Aug 08 2018
Location: Bury
Hi it's not worked since the turbo was done. It has to go back to the garage as there is an oil leak and exhaust fumes now coming from the turbo but he is saying that the power loss has nothing to do with the turbo

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