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Halfords Fitting DashCam

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Wed Aug 08 2018, 10:06am
Member No: #49774
Joined: Oct 31 2017
Location: Leicester
I have a 67 plate C4GP Flair. I am thinking of getting a dashcam fitted by Halfords. Has anyone had good/bad experiences of Halfords fitting dashcams? Thanks.
Wed Aug 08 2018, 10:57am
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Joined: Nov 21 2010
Location: North Norfolk UK
I have no experience of getting anyone to 'fit' a dashcam but they are so simple my wife even 'fited' her own. It was not difficult!
Wed Aug 08 2018, 01:10pm
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Joined: Dec 15 2007
Location: Walsall West Midlands
It all comes down to the "technician" installing either webcams, sat navs or radios. At Sittingbourne a fitter installed a radio for me, the connections were just twisted and secured with insulating tape and incorrectly fitted resulting in a smell of burning behind the dash and a blown fuse.A different fitter reinstalled the radio correctly but not before I had taken photographs of the original fitting and forwarded them to head office. Not only was I reimbursed for the digital radios cost but insstallation too. I would not now go anywhere near one of their fitters, but you take your choice and be ever aware of the consequences.
Wed Aug 08 2018, 01:14pm

Member No: #82
Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
Personally I'd avoid Halfords. Do it yourself, you'll be more careful.
Wed Aug 08 2018, 03:22pm
Member No: #27768
Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
Stick it to the windscreen, plug it into the cigarette lighter socket. Install done!
Thu Aug 09 2018, 02:26am
Member No: #49774
Joined: Oct 31 2017
Location: Leicester
I had it plugged into the the 12V socket and my kids kept tripping over it!

I just wanted to save myself some bother. I just wondered what the quality of work from Halfords was. Perhaps ask my trustworthy local independant mechanic to do it?
Thu Aug 09 2018, 03:39am
Member No: #574
Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
Buy a long USB lead, route it down the front door pillar, under the carpet and into the second row power socket. My lead came with little self-adhesive cable clips to keep everything in place.
Thu Aug 09 2018, 06:10am
Member No: #30055
Joined: Apr 02 2013
Location: Bolton
I ran mine tucked into the space just above the sliding sun blinds then gently eased the plastic A Pillar trim and tucked the cable behind then ran it down behind the rubber door seal, unfasten the the clips that hold the trim under the glove box and remove the plastic "knock-out" in the centre stoage box and use the 12v socket in there. Will try and post photos later.
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 iankearns (04 Jul 2019 : 09:57)
Thu Aug 09 2018, 06:24am
Member No: #49774
Joined: Oct 31 2017
Location: Leicester
I have 3 kids and they tend to kick the middle row 12v socket. I'm thinking of using a piggyback fuse adapter in the passenger glove box? I'd be interested to find out where the fuse adapters are fitted.
Thu Aug 09 2018, 01:04pm
Member No: #25128
Joined: Apr 09 2012
Location: Somerset
Why are you using the middle row connector and not the front one, as others have said, route the cable down the A frame and hide it around the glove box then connect into the front acc connector.
Thu Aug 09 2018, 01:11pm
Member No: #49774
Joined: Oct 31 2017
Location: Leicester
Double USB adaptor in power socket used by two phones. USB socket used for android auto. No where else to put it.

Anyway as mentioned in the previous reply, I want to use a fuse adaptor connector so there is no need to hog the USB socket.
Thu Aug 09 2018, 03:45pm
Member No: #30055
Joined: Apr 02 2013
Location: Bolton
Sorry for the delay in posting photos, I tried earlier but failed.

Red line shows approx route of USB cable, my cable has an extra USB outlet so there is still access there.

Job took about 30 mins

If you use this method route the cable starting at the 12v outlet and work towards the dashcam as the 12v plug won't fit through the knock-out hole

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Fri Aug 10 2018, 02:29am
Member No: #46858
Joined: Nov 24 2016
Location: London
I have fitted the thinkware F770 two camera setup to mine with the hard wire kit, I used piggy back fuse connections in the passenger side fuse box ( my set up requires a switched live and a permanent live as the unit has a parking mode.) the negative was connected to an earth point on the passenger side. all works perfectly with all cables run through the trim and head lining for both front and rear cameras.

Took about 2 hours all in, worst part was accessing the fuse board due to the stupid location and the wireing loom running in front of it.

Fri Aug 10 2018, 11:15am
Member No: #49774
Joined: Oct 31 2017
Location: Leicester
@gittos : Fantastic thanks! I use the 12V socket for charging phones etc, and the USB for AndroidAuto so the power connection option is not quite what I'm looking for. The photos however will be a great help for routing the cable from the glove box.

@Wutang : Which fuses did you use for the switched and permanent live? Also where was the connection for ground?

Fri Aug 10 2018, 02:56pm
Member No: #30055
Joined: Apr 02 2013
Location: Bolton
The 12v plug supplied with my dashcam has a USB socket hidden behind the white circle in the photo (it slides to one side)

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