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Dashcams; a warning!

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Wed Aug 08 2018, 02:53am
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Location: Dorset
Just got back from a continental trip. Whilst I was away, I came across an internet article about dashcams in Europe. We have some pretty lax laws on dashcam use in the UK, just about the only issue is whether they interfere with the view of the road.

In Europe it can be very different. The privacy laws and data protection laws make it more difficult to use dashcams. In many countries it is illegal to upload to the net, some require faces and number plates to be blanked. In Belgium you have to inform a second party in an accident that you may use dashcam footage as evidence.

In Portugal, use of dashcams is illegal.

But worst of all is Austria. Not only is it illegal to use a dashcam, it is illegal to own a dashcam. In fact they are so anti-dashcam that you can be fined 10,000 Euros just for carrying one in the car! Whilst I know that it is unlikely that the full weight of the law will be used on tourists, and the chances of being 'caught' are slim anyway, I would like others to be at least aware of the potential issue!
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