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Need a better alloy wheel cleaner.

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Fri Jul 27 2018, 01:43am
Member No: #18905
Joined: Mar 23 2011
Location: Widnes, Cheshire
What are people using these days to clean the alloy wheels. The one I have is ok, but I have just washed the car and the wheels are not as clean as I would like. Now I know some of the "dirt" is engrained brake dust, but it just won't come of, so I would like to try something else.
Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.
Fri Jul 27 2018, 03:08am

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Joined: Jan 10 2007
Location: Derby, England
I use this from time to time
- Click Here -
but thats only when i've not managed to clean car for a few weeks.
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 riven1962 (27 Jul 2018 : 05:52)
Fri Jul 27 2018, 05:54am
Member No: #18905
Joined: Mar 23 2011
Location: Widnes, Cheshire
I am just in the process of giving the car a massive clean, wax, polish etc. The wheels are definitely letting it down now.
Fri Jul 27 2018, 06:16am
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Joined: Apr 02 2013
Location: Bolton
I use this. It's from Poundland....and yes it's £1 for 1 litre bottle...works ok for me.

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 riven1962 (27 Jul 2018 : 09:51)
Fri Jul 27 2018, 07:45am
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Joined: Nov 21 2010
Location: North Norfolk UK
I use TFR (traffic film remover) which is used mainly on HGV's. I bought a 25 litre drum of it for about £20 from a supplier to the HGV trade and it lasts years. I use an empty trigger spray bottle from my wifes kitchen suppliesto apply. Ok not everyones solution but it works for me and I am also able to supply several relatives foc
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 riven1962 (27 Jul 2018 : 09:51)
Sun May 26 2019, 03:21am
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Joined: Mar 17 2018
Location: Glasgow
I know this is an older thread but just wanted to say if you are looking for a great wheel cleaner that is not too expensive, try the turtle wax wheel cleaner. You can get it in poundland for £2 while it is a smaller 300ml bottle than usual. It is still cheaper than halford's for example who sell 500ml normally £5 (currently £4 on sale at the moment but still more expensive £/ml). I Thought I'd give it a bash at this price and it's brilliant. I drive about 500 mile + a week and this stuff sorts the brake dust etc. with no probs. Spray on leave for a min and wipe off with a clean cloth.

It has been so good i stocked up as i'm refurbing some resolfens. With a old toothbursh and the cleaner they have came good front and back.

Thanks, Euan
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 iscom (26 May 2019 : 04:51) , BigJohnD (26 May 2019 : 04:55)
Sun May 26 2019, 04:50am
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Joined: Jul 21 2011
Location: Ireland Fermanagh & Galway
Looks Good !!! . . . I bought some Red Blood or devil cant remember the name but it removed all burn on brake dust after one of brake calipers was sticking but will try the turtle wax wheel cleaner Although my wheels has so many chips and scrapes think they will have to be refurbished

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