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What is this loose white connector near my pedals ?

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Thu Jul 12 2018, 11:36am
Member No: #50719
Joined: Mar 17 2018
Location: Glasgow
I've only had my mk1 c4 for a few weeks now, so getting around to looking at things more carefully. So today i was in and around the pedal area when I noticed this white connector dangling beside the clutch pedal. I just wondered what it is and should it be plugged into somewhere, or is an extra cable not needed for my model (which is a "cool"). I'd be grateful if someone could tell me even if it is not important. Thanks.

Thu Jul 12 2018, 12:36pm
Member No: #43821
Joined: Feb 21 2016
Location: Dublin
If you don't have cruise control, there's a good chance it's the spare connector for the secondary brake switch

Fri Jul 13 2018, 12:18pm
Member No: #50719
Joined: Mar 17 2018
Location: Glasgow
I have cruise control and it works fine as far as i know everything works ok. It would be good to know before it tie it up and away for good though.
Sat Jul 14 2018, 10:05am
Member No: #50719
Joined: Mar 17 2018
Location: Glasgow
Tried looking in the Haynes manual, can't find anything. Here is a closer look with the upper carpet removed above the pedals looking upwards.

Fri Jul 20 2018, 12:56pm
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Joined: Mar 23 2011
Location: Widnes, Cheshire
It will probably just be for an option that your car does not have. No idea what that could be though.

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