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dpf or no dpf?

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Wed Jul 11 2018, 09:37am
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hi all,

my grandparents are considering replacing their 2005 xsara picasso 2.0 hdi with a 1.6 hdi c4 pic (5 seat) now we are also looking at other xsara picassos but they've had 2 xsara picassos and are considering something different.
anyway back to the point we are looking at about a 2008-2009 c4 pic in at least vtr+ trim with the 1.6 hdi 110 i believe however they only do about 4,000 miles per year and most is in the town with about 4-5 70mph+ trips for about 30 mins each way per month.
they want another diesel as the tax is a lot lower and the economy is a lot higher and i have been reading the specs on auto trader of some of the ones we are considering and one of them emits 135mg/km of co2 and is £140 for 12 months tax which strikes me as maybe having a dpf
the other one however emits 155mg/km and has £195 tax per year which makes me think it may be without a dpf?

also i know some of psa dpf systems contain EOYLS fluid and how does this cop of short journeys?

sorry for the long post

thanks in advance
Wed Jul 11 2018, 12:50pm

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All C4 Picasso diesels are Euro 5 compliant and have a DPF fitted - emissions changed slightly over the years and also the EGS (6-speed semi auto) has different emissions to the 5-speed manual.

As for the DPF, our Picasso 1.6HDi VTR+ manual was used to commute 2 miles each way by my wife plus biffing about locally with only a couple of longer trips per month and the DPF was never an issue - we didn’t have one DPF warning. The car does have EOLYS which needs to changed every 80k or so.

The bigger issue is they need servicing every 12,500 miles or 12 months - early ones were 12,500 miles or 24 months and really this was too long. Walk from a C4P 1.6HDi with a poor history
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 mf1999 (11 Jul 2018 : 13:03)
Wed Jul 11 2018, 01:05pm
Member No: #49771
Joined: Oct 31 2017
Location: middlesbrough
thanks for the reply,

when it works and isn't leaking it's injectors the 1.6 hdi is a pretty clean soot free engine and yeah i will be making sure if they do decide to buy it that it is well maintained and i will take it for a thrashing every now and then.

i ideally want to avoid the dreaded turbo failure that the 1.6 is known for.

any other issues i should check?
Sat Jul 14 2018, 11:49am
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We got a GP HDe or i, I can never remember which, just over a year ago. £20/yr tax, ex Motability and only 7,000 miles@ 2 years old. If DPF's were going to choke I'd have expected this one to at that low mileage. We've more than doubled that mileage and have had no DPF issues. It's the type that regenerates using diesel, not the adblue type.
Re turbo life, many years ago I was told after a long (enthusiastic) run, the engine should be allowed to idle for a few minutes before switching off. This allows the turbo to cool, (they glow red hot) while oil is feeding the bearings/seals.

Our only issue was the dreaded creaking back axle which was done under warranty. They do a foam injection and it needs an overnight curing time. So far it's worked.

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