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Aftermarket / Original nav systems

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Sat Jul 07 2018, 02:34pm
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Has anyone fitted an aftermarker android base nav/entertainment system to their C4?
Something like this - Click Here -

And annother question is it possible to install an original nav system to a C4 that previously had none?

Thanks in advance!
Sun Jul 22 2018, 06:34am
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I tried to google the same issue, with no luck. Only few years old Turkish youtube video came up with android HU. No luck on ebay either.. Whaaat, how is this possible?
Tue Aug 14 2018, 02:30pm
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there are actually quite a few on ebay search c4 android. they are mainly ones that replace the main radio and the info display.
BUT they are all made for the LH drive cars. They can be made to fit with a little work.
There are also ones that are supposed to be left and right handed that are 9 inch screens and a non cd radio (I have this one and was not happy with the fit) so am in the process of making a custom panel. Its actually a very good deck sound and build quality wise and has moving grid lines on the reverse camera screen, or a graphical indication to objects as well as the sound.
There is also one more daddy of a deck that replaces all the panel from the heater vents down to the obd cover (called tesla style) the heater controls and all the buttons for seats ect are all on the screen. but you must have full electronic climate controls I don't boo hoo.
here is the link to aliexpress ones where the uk ebay sellers get theres from
- Click Here -
Sun Aug 26 2018, 05:39am
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Location: Newcastle, Australia
Hi delboydell, I've recently bought a 2012 C4 and I am now looking for a replacement unit that has GPS and reversing camera. As you said, all the 7" and 12.1" systems are for left hand drive. I have contacted KiriNavi who sell the 12.1" 'Tesla' style units who told me they only make LHD facias and the fascia is soldered to the screen. I though I may be able to take the fascia off and after having it 3D scanned I might have been able to have a mirror image fascia 3D printed. This was only a concept and I have not followed it up since they said the fascia was inseparable from the screen.
After reading your post I have looked at the 9" screens but I can't find any pictures of the installed product. Can you please post some pictures of your installation. I am interested to see the fit of the fascia and also how you are making a custom panel.
Tue Mar 26 2019, 05:22am
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ok. after some time in hospital, i am now back working on my android setup. I have changed my unit as the old one only had 1gb of ram and would not run 2 or 3 apps at once like i wanted.
I now have this unit that runs android 8 so split screen works which is great on the 10 inch screen. I have had to modify the plastic a bit to get an acceptable fit, it is totally different in shape and would fit perfect in a LH drive, unlike the old one. But this one you can take the screen out and be left with just the plastic, so you could get it 3d scanned. ( I would be up for a reverse image facia for a perfect fit if you manage it. )
This style of replacement starts from only £100 so if you are unsure about changing its not a lot of money to lose.
Another thing about my new unit is the warning messages and fault logs are displayed on screen, also in a log like the OEM, and it has the full configuration menu so daytime running lights, rear wipe in reverse gear ect can all be set.
This unit also removes the need to have the original display to be fitted behind the dash (engine management light no longer comes on with it disconnected, with the unconnected oil fault.)

This is the link for the cheap one.
- Click Here -

This is the link to the one I got.
- Click Here -

I will get some pictures later for you.
Thu Mar 28 2019, 05:14am
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- Click Here -
Fri May 10 2019, 08:20am
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Location: Plymouth
Hi all!

I've just taken the plunge and bought the Ownice K3, it arrived today but the wiring harness appears to be wrong, it does not seem to match the pins up and the unit will not turn on.

are you able to show how you have all the leads connected for reference??
Sat May 11 2019, 05:34am

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The C4 is standard ISO:

Pin identification in the Quadlock

I suggest you contact Connects2 e mail icon for the correct adaptor harness. I couldn't find Ownice on their website.
Wed May 22 2019, 12:33pm
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Location: Sheffield
If it is a universal wiring loom with no CANBus box (normally a clear red) then it won't switch on until you add an accessory feed to the red wire on your new deck.(unless your ISO has it, mine didn't have one)

You may have to set the CANBus box to your car type if it's not already on PSA group.
If you need any help please feel free to P.M. me and I will get an email to say you have left me a message as I am trying to stay away from computers at the moment.

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