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Removing a Tru-Fit tow bar from C4 Hatch, any advice?

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Fri Jun 22 2018, 06:07am
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Joined: Mar 17 2018
Location: Glasgow
So I have just bought a low mileage fairly immaculate C4 hatch (57 plate), but it has a Tru-Fit tow bar attached which I don't want on there for various reasons. I can easily remove the tow ball as the nuts are fine and free, but rest of the assembly is severely rusted and crumbling. I have sprayed with wd-40 and penetrating fluid but every nut and bolt are ceased. I'd ideally like to remove all of it as it is pretty much the only major rust under the car.

Would drilling out the heads which are pretty large, be the way to tackle this? I worry taking an angle grinder might be unsafe underneath due to the fuel tank and the sparks. Also would taking the battery off, cutting the wire and insulating the ends be a good way to sort out the electrics?

Thanks Euan

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