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Citroen c4 uneven idle

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Thu Jun 14 2018, 06:57am
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Joined: Jun 14 2018
Location: Serbia
Hey guys, im new here, problems with the car 'forced' me to sign up. So, i have citroen c4 hatch 5 door, petrol 1.4 16v, bought new in november 2007, so im the first owner. Thing i've noticed, and its driving me crazy is, when the car gets hot, it starts idling uneven. I've noticed that when the fan turns on, that the problem starts, and even with the A/C on. When the car is in that 'state' u can see the headlights flashing, air coming through vents also blows faster or slower, adjusting to the rpm of the engine on idle. Also, when i start moving, in first and secong gear, you can feel car jerking, not that hard, but you can feel it. Only on higher gear or speeds it doesnt feel. When the car is cold non of this happens. Service cant figure it out, they say everything is fine, there is no any faults. Also i've experianced same issue last year, during the summer, but as soon the winter came, car was running smooth. This year, as soon it got hotter outside, it started again. So, everytime car gets warm, fan starts blowing, car starts doing that, but you can't see on rpm that is running higher or lower. Can it be smth with eletricity? Battery is new. Sorry for bad english

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