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Problems with jukebox and navigation

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Thu Jun 14 2018, 04:51am
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Joined: Jun 14 2018
Location: Lisbon
Dear all,

I'm sorry if I might be repeating this subject (problably someone already complained about it) but I do have 2 "nuissances" with my C4 Picasso of 2015.

1- when using the navigation on both screens, if on the steering well I press "+" or "-" on the audio volume, the map on the upper screen turns "off" and turns back on as soon as the volume indicator on the lower screen turns "off".

2- (and the most important one) I do notice a very big difference between a song being read from a USB stick and the same song being read from the Jukebox. I thought it was the control audio settings, but I just went there and the controls should work as overall and not to have a pre-set for USB and another for pre-set for the Jukebox. Nevertheless the audio difference is very big... Does anyone else has this?

Many thanks,
Paulo De Feyter.
Thu Jun 14 2018, 08:10am
Member No: #41746
Joined: Aug 18 2015
Location: N Ireland
I think the audio controls change depending on which source you are on, USB, jukebox, DAB or whatever, you need to change it individually. I will check soon, in case that's not right.
Thu Jun 14 2018, 08:51am
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Joined: Oct 11 2016
Location: Cambridge
The map on top screen does disappear when you adjust volume - whether you do it from the steering wheel or the volume knob. That's the way it is. It was designed by an imbecile.

You have a jukebox! Mine is a late 2015 build and by then the Jukebox had been quietly removed from the UK vehicle specification (but not from the handbook, spent ages trying to make it work when I first got it).

Volume, it should remember the volume you set it at independently for each source so will go back to whatever it was last time you used it. The handbook says something about it but its not very clear. I think it remembers all the audio settings by source, so equaliser, balance etc as well as volume.


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