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A few questions from a new owner

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Tue Jun 12 2018, 02:32pm
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Joined: Apr 30 2018
Location: Geneva
Hi there!

We purchased a 2018 Grand C4 a couple months ago and I have a few questions about the car.

How do you replace the battery in the fob? (I have keyless entry and start) The sales rep told me that it was rechargable and I had to insert it into the slot at least once a week. Is that true?

Is there a button up front to open or close the boot? I cannot find one...

Is there a way to display a compass direction on either of the screens?

As an American, this car is taking some time to undestand, but so far I am happy with it.
Wed Jun 13 2018, 04:24am
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Location: Cambridgeshire
I have answers to some of your questions (I have a 2017 Grand C4 Flair).

Fob battery - the slot does nothing more than provide a place to store the key whilst driving and in the fob is a small battery which is not rechargeable, in the 11 months that I've owned my car I have only occasionally put it in the slot for convenience. I have an electronic copy of the owners manual (here's a link: - Click Here - which includes a picture showing how to change the battery with text that reads:
Battery ref.: CR2032 / 3 volts.
Battery replacement is signalled by the display of a message.
- Unclip the cover using a small screwdriver at the cut-out.
- Lift off the cover.
- Remove the flat battery from its location.
- Fit the new battery into its location observing the original direction of fitment.
- Clip the cover onto the casing.

Button up front to open or close the boot - no, you can only open the boot from the fob, boot button or moving your foot under the rear of the car and can only close it from the boot button or moving your foot (you can't close it from the fob)

Display a compass direction - I have not found a way to do this, the closest I think is to set the Sat Nav to have north at the top of the screen and then you can see the direction you are travelling relative to this.

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