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egr cooler

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Mon Jun 11 2018, 05:19pm
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Joined: Sep 16 2013
Location: Portsmouth
hi all

i've got issue with my abs/ esp and faulty handbrake, so after connecting to lexia and resetting code, starting car up again i noticed that the abs/ esp faults appeared on display and i noticed each time i checked lexia i would have egr faults.

removing the egr was easy, just a pain with all the other bits first to get access to it, i dismantled the egr and cleaned it and noticed to motor felt rough to turn but always sprung back to position.

i took a photo of the egr cooler and this looks blocked....its covered in soot with holes in but the holes only seem to be a metal plate and don't seem to go anywhere, i've not clean it yet as i was going to remove it first

i just need to know if this is normal or should the holes go right through it?

sorry i can't post picture

btw.......i've changed the brake light switch and checked wiring next to battery

best regards

Sat Jun 16 2018, 04:20pm
Member No: #32528
Joined: Sep 16 2013
Location: Portsmouth
the car is a 2007 1.6 diesel gp exc

ok, the cooler was not blocked just looked like it in the photo.

anyone got info on how to test the egr, pinout of the plug..

i thought i fixed the fault but the maf sensor was not connected as soon as i connected the maf sensor then the error was back

i have tried another maf sensor from my scudo which is the same but still the same fault.

anyone know if bad dpf could cause this as ive had the low fluid on dash for a long time before this happened.

thanks for looking, any help will be appreciated

Sun Jun 17 2018, 02:50am
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Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
If the Eolys fluid has run out then there's a chance the DPF is blocked.

What fault codes are logged?
Sun Jun 17 2018, 01:06pm
Member No: #32528
Joined: Sep 16 2013
Location: Portsmouth
hi rusky

thanks for your reply

after clearing the faults the ones that return are


2 are for the egr and 1 for glow plug relay

before clearing code i have loads, i will get out there shortly and pull all of them if they are back

thanks again

Sun Jun 17 2018, 01:13pm
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Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
MY money's on a knackered EGR valve.
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Sun Jun 17 2018, 02:03pm
Member No: #32528
Joined: Sep 16 2013
Location: Portsmouth
hi Rusky,

i hope it's that, i did put the car on ebay for 7days got a bid of £120 then decided its too good to go for silly money.

i ordered a new egr valve yesterday thinking the same and should be with me by wednesday.....i just pulled the codes again

some code will be there due to forgetting to connect the maf sensor






power steering


Pneumatic Suspension


Electric secondary brake


some faults like power steering , brake , suspension and abs have not been showing until the last two scans

with the suspension i did change the pump as the piston seal was no good and i've modified it with a 12v mini compressor this worked fine .....pump works but not inflating now.....live data does show error on sensor supply and i did get supply voltage less the 10v error on scan before it stopped inflating......but thats for a different day as i don't think it's linked



Sun Jun 17 2018, 02:17pm
Member No: #32528
Joined: Sep 16 2013
Location: Portsmouth
what fuse box did you have changed was it the one next to battery.....iv'e got another black box to the right of the fuse box any ideas what that is?

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