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How do I remove the battery in my C4 Picasso

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Thu May 17 2018, 04:19am
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Location: Coventry

I have a C4 Picasso 2014 Airdream that has been sitting on my drive for the past 9 months - prior to that it was used every day and was running fine.

I am in the process of learning how to drive, and will hopefully be up and about in this car in July.

I needed to get something from the car a few months ago and discovered that the battery had gone flat. A friend came round with jump cables and we got her going again.

I've just gone back to the car, and the battery is flat again. Completely dead. Alarm doesn't even go off (which it did last time).

I want to remove the battery and stick in on charge. I have no idea how to do that though as it's not easily accessible. I've searched online already for advice, but can't find anyone direction or even an image for an engine that is the same as mine.


Thu May 17 2018, 05:53am
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If you've got or any member in your family for any AA/RAC cover, best to call them. Dont say its been on the drive for 9 months....hahaha

They will tell you the battery needs changing and hopefully will take it out for you. Just ask them politely to take it out so you can buy a similar one... Pay attention to what he is doing and put a new battery in.

Good luck.
Thu May 17 2018, 06:28am
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Once a battery at 4 years goes completely dead and left for a period of time may never recover sufficiently to be of use. I have a concourse 1983 XR3i, the first ever off the production line that is in storage wrapped in cotton wool. The number of batteries I have bought, intending to regularly trickle charge it I have lost count. Even quality batteries that have gone completely flat and left for 6 months become useless.
Thu May 17 2018, 06:38am
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You could try a breakdown service, but any mechanic with an ounce of skill would spot that it had lain idle for a long time. Most breakdown companies will only attend cars that are MOT and taxed and it takes them a few seconds to see that - is this one? Strikes me as a bit underhand - we pay for breakdown cover for genuine breakdowns but its your choice.

You tube might help. The clip below is for a Peugeot 308 but its sufficiently similar to give you some clues, search more and you might find better. You probably don't need to remove the air intake on yours.

Assuming the rear terminal has a clip not a bolt (it will be like the front one which you can see), reach in and unclip it, the assembly on the top left might have to be removed, it will be clipped on, sometimes there is a tab on a plastic mount that you have to push in to release it. The battery clamp is most likely bottom fit like the one in the video but they can left, right or front - batteries have a little 'ledge' on all 4 edges. It can be accessed with a long extension on a socket, or if you are lucky and its on the front then an ordinary spanner will do. After that its just a bit of muscle (they are heavy).

Suggest you watch the video, search for one or two more then decide.

- Click Here -

There may be others here who can help with specifics - I've not had to do mine yet but over the years I've replaced many and it should be an easy routine job on most cars.
Thu May 17 2018, 09:25am
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You could get a battery charging kit, and just charge it whilst it's still in the car and on your drive.
Just have an extension lead to plug the kit into your home AC plug.

here's a few for example;
- Click Here -
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