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To Get rid of RD4 or not? C4 Picasso 2010 5 Seater VTR+

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Sun May 06 2018, 02:54am
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Sorry read so many articles - don't want to spend a couple of hundred quid without being sure.
I need help in making this decision as from some posts it appears that it may mess with the Menu controls on my steering wheel.

1 - If I change RD4 head unit and get Connect 2 adapter will this mean I cannot use the steering wheel controls for changing display (kMH/MPH) and Time. Also will I lose the Channel display on the Dashboard.
2 - Will I have to use lexia to tell the car I no longer have the RD4.

All this si to fit DAB and Bluetooth without having to use the 12 Cigar lighter for plugging in accessories.

I would love reversing camera but am a bit nervous in fitting this stuff.

Why Don't Manufacturers allow for extra fuses for additional power for accessories.

Many thanks.
Sun May 06 2018, 03:59am

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See this FAQ, although it's for a 2006 C4. - Click Here -

The RD4's display will no longer appear. You use the display on the HU for managing the radio.

The Connects2 box should be fine - contact Connects2 if you need confirmation. - Click Here -

Here's my Sony DAB set up before fitting.

IMO the hardest part of fitting a DAB radio is the aerial. Forget splitters - they're useless as your existing aerial is AM/FM. Ideally you need the aerial to be external and as high as possible - internal stick-on aerials are somewhat hit and miss, though can work well.
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