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Sticky steering wheel

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Sun Apr 22 2018, 01:48pm
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Joined: Mar 30 2018
Location: New Forest
Hi all.
Not sure if this has been covered yet, but can anyone give me advice on how to revive my sticky steering wheel?
I guess over the years it's had a build up of sweat and god knows what, and it just feels a bit 'rubbery' in the 10&2 positions.
Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
Sun Apr 22 2018, 07:32pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Going to want to use a good leather cleaner and it will likely take a few goes to get it off.

But it should sort it and once protected again a going over every 3-4 weeks should keep on top of it.

Something like this

- Click Here -

I use that and the conditioner they do, cheap and they do the job. And the smell it's basically that new car leather smell in a bottle.

- Click Here -
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 Patstaxi (23 Apr 2018 : 12:01)
Mon Apr 23 2018, 12:02pm
Member No: #50830
Joined: Mar 30 2018
Location: New Forest
Brilliant! Thank you Wozza, I'll give them a go and update on the results.
Fri May 25 2018, 12:32pm
Member No: #50830
Joined: Mar 30 2018
Location: New Forest
All sorted now. Used warm soapy water, a scouring pad and light elbow grease. Water was black! Dried it all off and applied a liberal amount of kiwi black shoe polish to the affected areas (thought I'd give it a go, it worked wonders on my manky boots when I was in the RAF!). Brushed it all off in a similar way to doing your boots then spent a long while with a microfibre cloth rubbing it in.
Looks amazing now, no polish left on the wheel, so no black hands, just a shiny wheel.
Will now use Wozza's advice and get some leather care products!

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