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2015 C4P Exclusive + sliding visors problem

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Sat Apr 21 2018, 03:36pm
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Joined: Mar 04 2017
Location: King's Lynn, Norfolk
The drivers side sliding sun visors on my 2015 C4P exclusive+ have started riding back during my daily commute and won't stay pushed fully forward. Is there anything that can be tightened up to keep it in place?
Wed Apr 25 2018, 06:10am
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Joined: Mar 09 2018
Location: Birmingham
60+ views and 0 reply...

I guess you need to add a photo or a video so others can see what is happening and how best to advice.

May be the area that holds the sun-visor has worn out or something??? It's hard to suggest without looking at it to be honest.

Wed Apr 25 2018, 06:35am
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Joined: Aug 18 2015
Location: N Ireland
Sorry, i'm one of those who looked and didn't reply, as I also am not sure how to advise. On my car the visors are quite stiff and would never slide accidentally, so there's definitely something loose, can't really see where it would be tightened up though. Can you see anything visually different from one side to the other?
Thu Apr 26 2018, 12:02am
Member No: #47744
Joined: Mar 04 2017
Location: King's Lynn, Norfolk
Thanks guys. It's fixed.

The problem was caused by a replacement windscreen fitted by Autoglass. Long story...

I had a stone chip turn to a crack in windscreen that was unrepairable, Autoglass fitted a a non OEM replacement screen that suffered a stress crack within a few hours of fitting. It was a non OEM panel and had a horrible orangey tint to it and also there was a wavy defect in the glass so when they came to replace it again I asked what replacement panel they had and it was the same so I kicked up a bit of a fuss and showed them defect and pointed out the wrong tint and the technician agreed and actually refused to fit it!

He put a request in for OEM glass which was fitted yesterday, Citroen badged Saint Gobain Sekurit panel, a perfect like for like replacement this time. The sun visors are now tight like they used to be.

Not really sure why or how the non OEM glass caused them to be looser but it's all good now.

The annoying thing is that when I asked originally what glass would be fitted they said OEM Saint Gobain but it wasn't. Good job the first one cracked as it all worked out well in the end.
Thu Apr 26 2018, 08:26am
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Location: Cambridge
Good new that it is fixed. Before I read this I had a good look at mine. Its amazing how many components they use to do a simple job.

The 'fix' I would have suggested is to look at the channels that the visor slides down. You will see, about 2 cm back from the front, a little projection in the channel. Its on the bottom on the "right facing" ones and top on the left facing ones - I guess so they can use the same part both sides. I would think about tightening the channel either by a small piece of tape over the 'bumps' or on the outer pair putting a small strip of card in the gap between the channel and the outer trim.

Might help someone else.

I wonder if the problem wasn't the glass per se but a slight misalignment when all the inside bits got stuck back on.

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